ISRR - Institute for sectoral and regional research is a research and advisory institution and works, as the name implies, in the field of economic/non-economic sectors, and regional development. Target groups are both national as well as regional and local institutions and economic systems. Special attention is dedicated to sectors and companies that need restructuring, and also those in the infant stage (the emerging industries). We operate as a group or network of two units and are registered in the EU platform of clusters/networks (www.clustercollaboration.eu).

The core unit of the institute is located in the Central Slovenian region (Domžale), and covers an area of industrial and service sectors, and large systems/companies. It represents a connection between the business and the national industrial (including research, environmental and health-related) policy makers responsible for strategic development documents (eg. The strategy of smart specialisation). As analytical institution, cooperation with the ZDS - Association of employers of Slovenia has been established, so monitoring of national, macro-regional and EU industrial policy implementation is our important observatory task. The unit prepares analytical papers such as sectoral/corporate analysis, strategies, action plans, feasibility studies, due diligence, turn-around programmes, etc.

An independent unit operates in the Savinjska region (Mozirje). It is specialized on cross-border, regional and sub-regional development programmes, with a focus on non-industrial sectors, and on the establishment of a supportive environment for the employment of young people. The unit has an intensive cooperation with the SOU-LJ - Student organisation of the University of Ljubljana where special care is dedicated to the segment of the creative and cultural industries with the central role of tourism. It is also active in the preservation of natural and cultural heritage content, and also in national and EU programmes for ecology (new technologies). The unit has established links with the institutions of knowledge/research in Slovenia, Austria, Italy (CIRPS) and Croatia, and enables young intellectuals to develop their business ideas in domestic environment. It acts as a service institution for preparing / monitoring / managing of CBC, IPA, COSME, H2020, LIFE, ERASMUS, HEALTH, etc. projects.


The Institute has a slim and flat organization composed of two units. Research and analysis, related to the sectors and systems are carried out in the Domžale unit, while regional-advisory content, tied to the small and medium-sized enterprises, are implemented in Mozirje. Both units work on the project principle where team include also external experts and young colleagues (students, post-graduate). Each of the four thematic groups (sectors, regions, environment, cultural and creative industries) has a permanent leader and one permanent collaborator (assistant). We operate in accordance with the PRINCE2 methodology, and use modern IT tools for the preparation and monitoring of the projects (such as ECAS, Synergie, eMC).


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